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[T] - Horloge temps réel DS1307 (RTC)



A DS1307 Real Time Clock, so your projects stay on time.

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Here is a great real-time clock (also known as RTC) equipped with a battery to stay on time even when your project is off or while you reprogram your micro-controller.

This clock is an AdaFruit product... and therefore fully documented :-)

The breakout is perfect for data-logging projects, clock construction, time dependent, timer, alarm, etc. The DS1307 is the most popular RTC clock, and works perfectly with 5V micro-controllers like Arduino. 

This breakout board is a kit and requires some welding operations that should not exceed 15 minutes.


  • All components including the board (PCB), pinHeader and battery included.
  • Quick to assemble and use.
  • Can fit on any breadboard. You can also use wires.
  • Sample code and library for Arduino (AdaFruit, see tutorial section).
  • Two mounting holes.
  • One battery should be enough to maintain the time for 5 years or more.

Technical information

  • Length: 24.21mm
  • Width: 30.44mm
  • Height: 5mm
  • Weight: 4g
  • Mounting hole: 3.3mm

Need more precision?

The DS1307 is simple, inexpensive but is not a high-precision peripheral. It can win or lose up to 2 seconds a day. If you need more precision, and a clock that compensates for the effects of temperature, send us an e-mail to request the import of the "ChronoDot". 


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