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[T] - Afficheur I2C VERT 4 chiffres de 7 seg. - 14.2mm



4-digit display (14.2mm) - 7 segments GREEN with I2C support

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Digital display I2C 4x7 segments to display numeric value and time - green

What could be better than one LED? Full of LEDs! It allows to realize small displays using 8x8 matrix or 4-digit 7-segment displays. Such matrices use 'multiplexing'. To control 7 LED segment, you need 14 pins. So that's a lot of pins, there are many control circuits like the MAX7219 to manage matrices but it requires a lot of connections that use a ton of space.
AdaFruit has of course found a solution to this heavy situation and has developed a breakout to control tons of LEDs matrix or segment without having to spend half of the day to make connections :-)
This breakout comes in two versions: one for controlling a 8x8 mini matrix and 4-digit, 7-segment sections. Adding LED displays to your projects becomes totally trivial.
The Breakout + display we propose uses a control circuit that supports the arduous part of the work. It has an internal clock that it uses for multiplexing operations. It also uses a constant-current power supply, ideal for managing high-brightness devices but also preserves color consistency.  
The above images are photographed with a minimum of brightness so as not to dazzle the shot!
The brightness is adjustable in steps of 1/16 of the power, all via a simple I2C interface. The backpack (control board) comes with addressing connectors (jumper to weld), so it is possible to connect up to 4 8x8 matrix or 8 7-segment displays (or a combination such as 4 8x8 matrix and 4 7-segment display, etc)  on a single I2C bus.


The kit contains the following elements:
  • A LED controller (LED backpack) totally assembled and tested.
  • A high-brightness 4-digit (7 segments per number) GREEN display 14.2mm high.
  • Un 4-pin pinHeader
Some welding operations are needed to attach the LED/display matrix to the control board. Same for the pinHeader if you want to use it.
This operation should not take more than 5 minutes.


If you are interested by a LED matrix (or equivalent) but complexity is an obstacle to take the plunge... this option is the solution you were looking for!


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