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2x TIP102 NPN Darlington transistor 8A 100 Vdc


2 x DARLINGTON Power Transistors

  • NPN
  • 8 Amp 100 V Dc

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Control heavy loads with high power Darlington transistors like this TIP102

Transistors are powerful little electronic "switches". These TIPs are perfect for replacing your small NPN transistors, which are convenient but limited in power. With these Darlington power transistors your projects will benefit from a useful boost if you want to control medium and large power electronics like motors, solenoids, LEDs 1W+, etc. They are really practical and delivered in pack of 2 pieces! 

Each transistor is an amplifier for general use, the TIP102 model with Base-Collector-Emission (BCE) pinout. They can switch up to 60V and a current of 8A (15A pulse), with a gain of 200 (for Ic=8A) to 1000 (for Ic=8A).

Like all Darlington transistors, the Vce voltage drop (SAT) is not negligible and varies between 2V (for IC=3A) to 2.5V (IC=8). And that said voltage drop also says losses and heat production... So consider using a heatsink if you are demanding with your transistors. 


  • 2 x TIP102


  • Data sheet of TIP102 (TIP102.pdf)
  • Category: Power DARLINGTON
  • Type: NPN
  • Power dissipation: 2W
  • Current Collector (Ic) : 8A
  • Current gain (hFe): 1000
  • Collector Emission voltage (Vces): 2V
  • Package Type: TO-220
  • Number of pins: 3



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