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L293D - Double Pont H 600mA View larger

L293D - Double H-Bridge 600mA


Integrated circuit L293D Double H-Bridge to control two motors in both directions (600mA)

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Drive your low power motor with a H-Bridge driver

This H-Bridge is intended for Hobbyists wishing to control of low power motors (600mA per bridge, 36 volts max).

They are perfect for discovering the operation and connection of an H-Bridge. The L293D are ideal for small radio controlled vehicles.

If you need to control more powerful motors, we recommend the breakout L298 which is a H-Bridge supporting a current up to 2 amps.

This small H-Bridge is already equipped (internally) of freewheel diodes, these diodes are used to protect the H-Bridge of transient effects.

This H-Bridge can be used directly with an Arduino without the need for additional hardware.


  • A L293D (double H-Bridge)
    600mA per channel, 36V
  • A decoupling capability of 0.47µF (see our tutorial)


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