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Humidity, Temperature, Light sensor for Pyboard-D


TILE Environmental sensor board

  • Humidity + Temperature (HDC2080)
  • Ambiant Light Sensor (ALS) / lux meter (OPT3001)
  • TILE connector
  • i2C Interface
  • for WBUS DIP68 or WBUS DIP28

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Transform your Pyboard-D in environmental sensor with the SENSA Tile

The TILE-SENSA is a MicroPython sensor board for the new Pyboard-D ecosystem. It includes combination of 2 low power sensors from Texas Instrument:

  • A humidity + temperature sensor,
  • a light lux sensor.

The sensors are placed on the TILE sensor board togheter with the 1x20 pin connector (TILE connector) to connect is easily on the pyboard D-series ecosystem.

Tiles are small modular components that can be controlled from a D-series pyboard. The tiles fits on the 1x20 pin adapter available on the WBUS-DIP28 or WBUS-DIP68 adapter board.

In addition to the sensors, this tile has an additional RGB LED controled by 3 independant pins.

The mounting hole allows it to be screwed right onto an adapter board to give it more stability in rough environments.

This tile can be used with all pyboard D variants.
Learn more about how to use the TILE-SENSA here.

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