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6x6 RGB LED Matrix for Pyboard-D


TILE RGB LED matrix board

  • 6 x 6 RGB LED
  • TILE connector
  • I2C interface (0xc4)
  • for WBUS DIP68 or WBUS DIP28

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Create colorful display effect on your Pyboard-D by adding RGB LED Matrix

This LED-Tile is designed for MicroPython Pyboard-D and has 36 RGB LEDs. They are arranged on the tile in matrix of 6 x 6 LEDs.

The whole LEDs are placed on the 12x12 mm PCB and the TILE connector (1x20 pins) are placed under the PCB and allows you to connect the TILE on pyboard D-series ecosystem.

Tiles are small modular board having components that can be controled from a Pyboard-D. The tiles connector are available on the WBUS-DIP28 or WBUS-DIP68 breakout board.

It's possible to put multiple LED tiles in a row or matrix.

This Tile can be used with all pyboard D variants.
Learn more about how to use the TILE-LED36 here.

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