MicroPython boards


MicroPython is a optimized version of Python 3 for embeded systems.
PyBoard, the MicroPython board is a small microcontroler board able to run MicroPython on bare metal. Thanks to MicroPython, you have a python operating system working on a board and you can use it to control many electronic project. Whoaw, too much!... I Love It!!!

Pico (RP2040) - 2 cores microcontroler from Raspberry-Pi
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25 Max. per order
Raspberry-Pi Pico Microcontoler
RP2040 Cortex M0+ @ 133 MHz, 2 cores
2 MBytes Flash
265 KBytes SRAM
30x GPIO @ 3.3V (26 freely available)
5x ADC 12bits (3x users, 1x VBus, 1x temperature)
16x PWM
2x UART, 2x I2C, 2x SPI
SWD debug port