DS2406+ - 1x GPIO OneWire + EEPROM
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DS2406+ - 1x GPIO OneWire + EEPROM

DS2406+ : GPIO + 128 Bytes EEPROM

  • 1x Input or Output
  • 128 Bytes EEPROM (1024 bits)
  • One-Wire Interface
  • TO-92
  • Fully compatible DS2407
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An adressable OneWire GPIO

The Dallas DS2406+ is one adressable switch in a TO-92 package looking like to a transistor plus 1Kb memory in 3 pin TO-92 package. This dual addressable switch plus memory offers a simple way to remotely control a single GPIO (named PIO-A) and to monitor logic level at transistor's output via the 1-wire bus for closed loop control.

It has its own 64bit ROM registration number that is factory lasered into chip to provide a unique identity for absolute traceability.

The device's 1024bits of EPROM can be used as electronic label to store information such as switch function, physical location and installation date. Communication with DS2406 follows standard Dallas Semiconductor 1-wire protocol and can be accomplished with minimal hardware such as a single port pin of a microcontroller.

It is used in process control, HVAC systems, IEEE 1451.4 sensor TEDS, system configuration & monitoring.

Please note that the DS2406+ in CMS version does hold a dual addressable switch.

Technical Details

  • Supply voltage range is 2.8V to 6V
  • Open drain PIO pins are controlled and their logic level can be determined over 1-Wire bus for closed-loop control
  • Max operating voltage of 13V at PIO-A
  • Operating temperature range from -40°C to 85°C
  • Replaces & fully compatible with DS2407 but no user programmable power-on settings & no hidden mode
  • PIO channel A sink capability of 50mA at 0.4V with soft turn-on
  • 1024bits (128 Bytes) user programmable OTP EPROM, user programmable status memory to control device
  • On-chip CRC16 generator allows detection of data transfer errors
  • Built-in multidrop controller ensures compatibility with other 1-wire net products
  • Reduces control, address, data, programming and power to a single data pin
  • Supports conditional search with user selectable condition
  • DS2406+ datasheet (pdf)
Data sheet