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555 Oscillator Timer – 100 Khz – DIP8 - Timer


NE555 timer

  • 100 KHz Max
  • 4.5 ~ 16V
  • 10mA
  • DIP 8

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NE555 - clock signal generator and more

Also known as 555, this component has several modes of operation. It is so useful that even created in 1970, this component is still actively used today in many circuitery and as main electronic learning component.

The NE555 can operate in 3 modes depending on the assembly used:

Astable mode

The astable mode is the best known usage for the NE555. In this mode, the output of the NE555 changes state at regular intervals thus making it possible to achieve something similar to a clock signal.

NE555 em mode Astable
Source: NE555 on Wikipedia

Monostable mode

Le mode monostable permet de générer une unique impulsion en sortie lorsque la gâchette est activée (mise à la masse).

NE555 en mode Monostable
Source: NE555 on Wikipedia

Bistable mode

The bistable mode comes down to a bistable base (Set-Reset type) which keeps the last state to communicate until a different state is applied at the Set or Reset input. This is not the best use of an NE555.

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