SN74LS157 : Multiplexer 4x 2:1 - 8 bits parallel input to 2x Nibble - DIP16
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SN74LS157 : Multiplexer 4x 2:1 - 8 bits parallel input to 2x Nibble - DIP16

8 bits Parallel to 2x 4 bits Nibble

  • Input 8 Bits Parallel
  • Output 4 bits parallel
  • 8 bits to 2 nibbles
  • 5V Logic
  • Logic control

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8-bits Parallel to 2x Nibble (4-bit each)

This component can be used to split a Byte into two Nibbles... either 4 higher bits (higher weight), either 4 lower bits (lesser weight).
The 74LS157 set the output with the adequate Nibble accordingly to the SELECT line.

This component can also be viewed as a big 4 bit switch where the output is set with the source A or the B.

Typical usage of this component is for retro-computing setup or been used when creating your own computer.

Note: the parallel port can send 8 bits but can only reads 4 bits through is error/signal pins to to receive data. In such condition, reading 8 bits of data requires some electronic trick and way to easily split a byte into nibbles to read 4 bits at the time on the parallel port. Github containing the kicad-public-projects/PARALLEL-BREAKOUT project with the parallel-bus board (prototype)  allowing to read and write data on address/data buses.

Technical details

  • 8-bit Parallel input
  • 4-bit Parallel output
  • 8 bits to 2 nibbles (1 nibble = 4 bits)
  • 5V logic
  • Control logic
  • SN74LS157 technical sheet (pdf)
Data sheet