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SN74HC14N - Schmitt Trigger , inverter, 6x 1 input


Schmitt Trigger

  • 6x logic inverter gate with Schmitt trigger input
  • 1 input par gate
  • 2 to 6V - 4mA per output

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Logic inverter with Schmitt trigger input

The SN74HC14N is a logic circuitery that offers 6 inverted intégrating Schmitt trigger on their input. This IC can compute the boolean operation Y = not(A) with positive logic.

The Schmitt's trigger input are designed to offers a minimal separation to switch the signal between low level and high level. So, with this IC, you can use input signal having small variation (or a bit of noise) without the issue that such signal cause on the logical circuitery (signal oscillation or excessive current comsumption on the input).

Such componants are used on microware oven, mouse, UPS, AC motor controler and other kind of controlers.

Technical details

  • Output current: 4mA @ 5V
  • Input current: 1µA max
  • Propagation time: 11ns
  • Power consumption: 20µA
  • ESD sensitive
  • DIP: 14
  • Technical datasheet (pdf)


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