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M5Stack : 4 relays module I2C, Grove


4 relays module, Grove

  • 4 Relay (250V / 10A)
  • I2C interface (0x26, via STM32F0)
  • Power: 5V (relays)
  • Signal: 3.3V
  • U097

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Grove module with 4 relay controled over I2C

The 4 relay unit integrates 4 two way modules (SPDT) which can be controled over I2C bus with a single protocol. This module do have an Arduino Library (made by M5Stack) and a MicroPython library (made by MCHobby).

The maximum control voltage is rated at AC-250V/DC-28V for the relay, and the current rated to 10A and the instantaneous current can hold up to 16A.

Each relay can be controlled independently and have a status LED (so you can know its state at anytime).

The typical application of this module are: digital signal switching, programmable power switch.

More information on the manufacturer product sheet.

High voltage use

This product has not been designed and does not have certification for high voltage use. Working with a voltage higher than 30V can be extremely dangerous and should be reserved for people who are qualified to work in such conditions. It is necessary to use an appropriate equipment and to apply adequate safety rules.

Technical details

  • 4 relay (spdt)
  • AC-250V / DC-28V / 10A
  • Status LED indicator
  • I2C communication (0x26)


For each order, you will received:

  • 1x 4-Relay Unit
  • 1x Grove Cable (20cm)
  • 4x VH-3.96-4P Plug terminal



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