Gravity : MOSFET Power Controler, digital
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Gravity : MOSFET Power Controler, digital

MOSFET power controler:

  • 5 to 36V
  • 0 to 10A (20A with heatsink)
  • driving voltage: 3.3~10V
  • Max Freq: 1 KHz
  • DFR0457
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A power MosFet for powerful DC device controled from a GPIO

In most of Maker projets, the relay is the first response to control a high power device (higher voltage, higher current or both). However, relay also need some power (and 5V voltage) wich is not always suitable for low power microcontroler (Intel Edison, Intel joule, Raspberry Pi, etc) when several devices must be controled.

The MosFet is a nice option to replace the relay in your project if you need to drive DC current devices (it’s hard to drive one or more relays simultaneously) or when the amount of current on the GPIO is very limited.

The MOSFET can drive a large amount of current with a very limited current on the GPIO. It works as a "relay" but it is a "transistor" (MOSFET transistor). This kind of transistor can be drive with voltage. A high-level signal (3.3~10V) will switch on the MOSFET, and vice versa.

Compare to a relay module, the MOSFET power controller module can be used with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, MicroPython Pyboard, PYBStick, Lattepanda and other Microcontroller (supports 3.3~10V logic power control). The MOSFET can drive a voltage of 5 to 36V on the VIN. The current can be drive up to 20A (with additionnal heat sink) and up to 10A without heatsink

One of the advantages of the MOSFET is that it can be quickly switched on/off. This MOSFET can be switched up to 1 Khz frequency (1000 times per second), great to control robotic peripherals.

This MOSFET module is fit a the standard Gravity interface (PH2.0-3Pin). It makes the module Plug and play, easy to use with Gravity interface.

The module is shipped with a gravity cable so it is quite easy to connect it to any microcontroler.

Such sensor can be connected to Arduino's fitted with the Gravity V7.1 expansion shield for Arduino which uses standardized color code on connector to identify the pin feature. 

It also exists other expansion board like Gravity for Micro:bit and Gravity for MicroPython Pyboard.

Technical details

  • VIN Voltage: 5V to 36V DC
  • VIN Current: 0A to 20A (Heat sink needed over 10A)
  • Logic Operating Voltage: 3.3 to 10V DC
  • Logic Control Signal: 3.3 to 10V DC
  • Switching Frequency: 0 to 1KHz
  • Switching: T(on)=20µs, T(off)=50µs
  • Temperature: -5°C to 155°C
  • Interface: Gravity PH2.0-3P
  • Dimension: 44 x 32 mm


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