12V relay module, Logic 3.3 to 20V
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12V relay module, Logic 3.3 to 20V

12V Relay module

  • 2 ways Relay (NO, NC)
  • Power: 12V
  • Logic: 2.5 to 20V
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Control a power element with a 12V relay providing galvanic isolation for your project

Here is a relay module for your projects using any kind of voltages between 0 and 20V DC as logic control. It is suited for microcontroler projet in 3.3V, 5V logic or DIY/industrial solution using 12V logic.

This module is designed for a quick implementation as it is pre-assembled (you only need to solder the relay and terminals).
This design allow you to integrates the relay module inside other projets by soldering the power wire directly on the board.

The relay module does offer a galvanic insulation between the high-power circuit and the low-power circuit. They are never in contact each-other.
The relay module can be used to controle high-power devices (like fan, water pump, medium power motor, etc) from a 3.3V to 20V signal (namely TTL Transistor-to-Transistor-Logic).
This compatibility with a wide range of input voltage allows these relays to be used with microcontrollers, computers but also rudimentary systems using 12V logic. This means that it is not necessary to have a microcontroller and a 3V/5V power supply to use this type of relay.

This module also incorporates an LED indicator, indicating whether the relay module is active or not. The module also incorporates a free-whell diode.

This produit is delivered as a pre-assembled kit.It remains to mount the relay, the terminal block and the connector. It shouldn't take more than a few minutes.

Technical details

  • TTL input: can be wired directly to an Arduino Output, a Pyboard, Pico or any kind of microcontroler.
    The signal voltage can be as high as 20 volts.
  • Status LED.
  • Compact, terminal on the High-Power section.
  • This module uses a 12V power relay like Omron G5LE-14-DC12 (1Mb, pdf)
  • Switchable power:
    • Switchable power: 240W (1200 VA)
    • 8A/30V DC, 5A/250VAC
  • Control section: 3 pins, 2.54mm spacing
  • By powering the relay with VCC=12V
    • Activation current @ 5V = 3.9mA
    • Activation current @ 3.3V = 2.5mA
    • Activation current @ 12V = <2.5mA


The relay module do have 3 control pins.

  • VCC : to wire the 12V power source.a raccorder sur une source d'alimentation 12V
  • GND : to wire the ground/GND
  • EN : Enable Pin to wire on the microcontroler.
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