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Stepper motor - 12V, 200 step (Hobbyisme) + Extra


A step-by-step motor:

  • 4-wires, bipolar,
  • 1.8° per step,
  • 200 steps per revolution.

For Hobbyist usage.

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An affordable stepper motor to help your project to act on the world

Here is a stepper motor able to satisfy all the needs of a robotic/CNC Hobbyist! It is a bipolar 4-wires stepper motor. It has a rotation angle of 1.8° per step allowing smooth movements and has a sufficient torque to satisfy many applications.

In extra we offer the 4 fixation screws M3 x 6... No need to run the hardware stores to find them.  

This motor can be used with a MakerBeam nema 17.

This motor has a maximum current of 350mA and can therefore be controlled using a motor shield for Arduino (or other motor controller like L298 breakout) and a 12V power supply or an acid/lead battery or a StepStick motor controller like A4988.


Among the details that make the difference, this motor includes a ready-to-use cable and a machined shaft that has a flat (very convenient for attaching things).

For use with a Adafruit Motor shield you can reach 250 rotation per Minute (RPM). To connect it on this shield, use the wires in this order: Red, Yellow, Jump terminal GND/ground, Green, Brown (or gray).

  • Voltage: 12v
  • Current/coil: 350mA
  • Resistor: 34 Ohms
  • Inductance/coil: 4.3mH
  • Holding torque: 20 N*cm = 200 N*mm = 0.200 N*m (2 Kg*cm)
  • Numbers of wires: 4
  • Inertia Rotor: 38 gr-cm^2
  • Weight: 200gr
To fix ideas about the torque:
1 newton-meter is equal to 100 N-cm, or 10.1971621298 kg-cm (the force exerted by a weight of 10Kg at the end of an 1cm arm). 

General specifications

  • Wire length: 20 à 23 cm
  • Angle: 1.8°/step, 200 steps per revolution
  • Max temperature: 70°c
  • Operating temperature: 0°C... +50°C
  • Insulation resistance: 100 MOhms min, 500V DC
  • Dielectric: 500 VAC, 60 sec max.

See also the technical data sheet.


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