Moteur pas-à-pas - 12V, 200 pas
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[T] - Stepper motor, 200 steps, 20x30mm

A stepper motor, 4-wire, bipolar, 1.8° per step, 200 steps, 3.9V, 0.6A/Phase.

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This hybrid bipolar stepper motor has two very interesting points:

  1. It is really small 30mm long x 20mm side.
  2. Light with 60 gr
  3. It is a NEMA 8 size motor ... and therefore usable with standard hardware C'est un moteur à la taille NEMA 8... et donc utilisable avec du matériel standard.

Each phase consumes 600mA at 3.9V offering a torque of 0.017N-m (180 gr-cm). The motor is equipped with 4 wires with color coding, black + green connected on a coil, blue + red on the other coil. It's possible to control this motor using H-bridge but we recommend the use of a stepper motor controller (ex: StepStick A4988).


  • Size: 20 mm carré × 30 mm (not including the axis, NEMA 8)
  • Weight: 60 g
  • Axis diameter: 4 mm (D-axis)
  • Axis length: 12 mm
  • Step per revolution: 200
  • Current rating: 600mA per coil
  • Voltage rating: 3.9 V
  • Resistance: 6.5 Ω per coil
  • Holding torque: 1.7 N*cm, 17 N*mm, 0.017 N-m (0.180 Kg*cm = 180 gr*cm)
  • Inductance: 1.7 mH per coil
  • Wire length: 30 cm (approximately)
  • Output axis supported by two ball bearings.
  • SOYO motor reference piece number SY20STH30-0604A.
  • Data sheet.

To fix ideas concerning the couple:
1 newton-meter is equal to 100 N-cm, or 10.1971621298 kg-cm (the force exerted by a weight of 10Kg at the end of an arm of 1 cm). 

Typical Stepper Motor Applications

Stepper motors are used in many applications where precise positioning is desirable but without having to support the additional cost and complexity of a positioning system by enslavement. Here are some applications where stepper motors intervene:

  • Printer
  • CNC machine
  • Drawing printer
  • A Laser cutter
  • A "Pick and place" machine
  • A linear actuator
  • A hard disc

Use with DRV4988 (or 8834)

As indicated above, it's possible to order this motor with the DRV4988. If you pay attention to the minimum voltage of the DRV4988, you will find that its minimum voltage is higher than the 3.9V necessary for the motor. The minimum voltage of a DRV4988 is 8 Volts. This is not a problem, you can use a supply voltage higher than 3.9V as long as the current limitation of the DRV4988 is set correctly so as not to exceed 600mA.

If you, for whatever reason, need to keep the motor power below 8 volts, you can use the DRV8834 specially designed for low voltage applications.


Data sheet
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