List of products by brand Garatronic

2 UARTs HAT for Raspberry-Pi
In Stock
HAT 2x UARTs for Raspberry-Pi
NXP SC161S752
Hardware UARTs
FIFO 64 bytes
MicroPython NADHAT HAT F405
In Stock
NADHAT F405 - MicroPython board with Raspberry-Pi's compatible GPIO
Drive PI's HAT with MicroPython
Combinate Pi + MicroPython development on a single plateforme
prototyping board fro PYBStick
In Stock
Prototyping board for PYBStick
Prototyping Area
Power terminals
3x PYBStick breakouts
1x Raspberry GPIO (connector)
2x Grove (connector)
1x UEXT (connector)
Pyboard to UNO-R3 adapter + Extra
Pinout adapter to use your Pyboard with UNO-R3 pinout
Pinout conversion to Arduino UNO R3 (for shields)
OLED 128x64 (I2C)
Mangnetic Buzzer
Lipo Charger (NiMh compatible)
Servo output (4x)
UEXT port
Rapido port (Stemma & Qwiic compatible)
RP2040 PYBStick - 26 pins - MicroPython, C++
In Stock
Standard PYBStick 26, RP2040 microcontroler
MicroPython, C++
26 pins (PYBStick formfactor)
Flash 1 Mb
RAM 264 Ko
USB-A connector
Female connectors to be soldered.
Silent fan cooler for Raspberry-Pi
In Stock
Fan for Raspberry-Pi
MK2 revision (01/2021) - GPIO non accessible
Silent... for real!
Low consumption
Low profile
PWM driven (if needed)
Grove connection points