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PYBStick Standard 26 (No USB) - MicroPython and Arduino


PYBStick Standard 26 NUSB, STD-F411RE

  • No USB soldered
  • MicroPython and Arduino Ready
  • 26 pins
  • STM32F411RE
  • 512 Ko Flash
  • 128 Ko RAM
  • microSD connector installed

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A MicroPython / Arduino compatible board affordable ready to get integrated to your project - the PYBStick Standard without USB soldered

This product is exactly the same as PYBStick Standard 26 (see this link) except that USB connecteur is not soldered on the board! This board is very compact and ready to integrates professionnal project.

The uploaded firmware on the NOUSB board contains a slightly different containing an additionnal line to replicate the REPL (MicroPython interactive command line) on the UART(2).

pyb.repl_uart(pyb.UART(2, 115200)) # duplicate REPL on UART(2)

Note:  in DFU mode, the microcontroler can receive firmware via USB but also the UART, I2C or SPI Bus. So it is still possible to upload the firmware in DFU mode even without USB port attached to the board. Please see this article on our Wiki (French).


For each order, you will receive the PybStick board, 2 rows of female connector and the USB type A connector. You can solder the female connector and/or USB connector as suited for your needs.


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