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[T] - Half-size prototyping plate

Half-size Breadboard PCB prototyping plate, PRO finish

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We had the opportunity to use different types of prototyping plates. But we must admit that to this date, these basic products have not lived up to our expectations.

To tell the truth, we found them quite mediocre, no wording, solder pellets often at the limit of utility and we are not afraid to say it ... often "frankly ugly"!

Fortunately, Adafruit looked into the problem. It was by thinking about how people really make prototyping that they found an elegant approach. Indeed, if by using a breadboard (without welding) to make prototyping, we could then simply transfer everything to a final prototyping plate and then weld everything "without asking any questions" ... we would have an ideal solution.

It is on the basis of this observation that Adafruit has developed a prototyping plate incorporating the same characteristics as a seamless prototyping board.


  • The prototyping plate we propose you has the same layout as a seamless prototyping board.
  • It has 30 lines arranged on a magnificent PCB.
  • The upper side has a white screen printing and a marking similar to the usual breadboard (enough to transfer your components easily).  
  • Below, you have columns equipped with 5 solder pellets connected together. Design that perfectly matches the concept of classic breadboards. 
  • A power distribution bus (4 lines, on the sides). These buses don't have masking, which also makes it possible to cut the track if necessary. 
  • The holes are drilled with a 1.2mm diameter drill wick. You can even use components with larger fittings. 
  • The holes are fully plated ... which provides excellent mechanical resistance for your welds. The pellets will not peel off if you need to desolder one or the other component.
  • The pastilles have a gold finish - so you will not have an oxidation problem like on copper-based plates!
  • There are also 3 fixing holes allowing you to fix the PCB to the rest of your project.


Finally, as Adafruit says so well "Once you use a Perma-Proto board, you'll never go back!"