Adaptateur Micro SD - version Extra
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[T] - Micro SD adapter - Extra version

A MicroSD (breakout board) adapter designed for easy use but which also goes further than its concurrents

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It's not just a simple breakout board, this microSD adapter goes further, it's also designed to facilitate its use.

  • Voltage regulator 5v-> 3v on the board capable of delivering 150mA for energy-hungry boards.
  • A 3v logic converter, which means that this breakout can be easily used with 3.3v or 5v systems.
  • Uses an integrated circuit for logic conversion, not resistors. So less problem and faster read/write access.
  • Use 3 or 4 digital pins to read and write on 2Gb + storage boards!
  • An LED indicating read/write activities on the SD card.
  • 4 mounting holes (#2)
  • A "push-push" type board holder (push to insert, push to remove) with the card which protrudes slightly from the board for easy insertion and extraction of the microSD card.
  • Delivered with a 2.54mm pinHeader (not welded), so you can use it either with a breadboard, or connect it with wires - at your choice.
  • Assembled and tested in the AdaFruit factory.
  • Works perfectly with Arduino, with a ton of example code and connection diagram.

Use with an Arduino

To use the board with an Arduino, connect:

  • GND to ground
  • 5V to 5V
  • CLK on pin 13
  • DO on pin 12
  • DI on pin 11
  • and CS on 10.

Then you can use the super SDfatLib library which supports the FAT and FAT32 SD cards.


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