LEDs / NeoPixels / DorStar / ElWire

LEDs / NeoPixels / ElWire

Want to do light painting ? Using smart LEDs, gives a small light punch to your project? Great, you are at the right place ! This category gather all the products able to produce light in any way. NeoPixels are well knowns by the Makers, those autonomous smart LEDs can indefinitively produce the color selected by software. The dotstart LEDS are more suited for Light Painting (like a NeoPixels but faster), the LEDs are used as comon user interface and the ELWire will be your best frein to produce magnificent lighting effect.

12v 5A power bloc
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12v 5Amp Power supply, Continuous current
8x8 Bi-color LED matrix - I2C - 30mm
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8x8 LED matrix breakout - squared LED
8x8 Matrix
Bi-Color red/green (+yellow by color composition)
30mm side
I2C Interface
MOD-LED8x8RGB : 8x8 RGB LED matrix
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MOD-LED8x8RGB : Large 8x8 RGB LEDs matrix
Serial Protocol (Data,Latch,Sck)
Stackable by design
60 x 60mm