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Laser module red - 650nM - 1 mW


Laser module

  • Wavelength: 650nM (red)
  • Power: 1mW
  • Voltage: 3V
  • Current: 50mA

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Visible light laser (650nM, red) - Class 2

Laser can be very handy in many situation... the raison why makers does love them. Laser are really funny!
This module contains one 1mW laser diode (class 2) and a wavelength of 650 nano meter. With a supply voltage of 3 Volts, thoses modules are quite easy to integrate into electronic projects. You can use it to create laser harp, passage detector, laser guidance and many more.

Keep out of reach of childen!

Warning! Class 2 Laser

Do not stare into the beam as eye damage may occur. This device contains a class 2 laser.
Output power doees not exceed 1 mW and wave length 650 nm (visible radiation).

  • Never point the laser beam at a person or animal.
  • Never point the laser beam to a reflective surfaces.
  • Never look at the laser beam

Using an optical instrument, such as binoculars or a microscope.

Always attach the warning sticker (in your language) before using a Laser device! This label will protect yourself and your own environment.

A qualified technician shall install and service this device.
Keep this device away from children and unauthorized users. Protect this device from shocks and abuse.

Technical details

  • Class II laser
  • Compact design: 10.5mm diameter, 32mm length
  • Long life laser
  • Voltage: 3 volts
  • Current: 50mA
  • Power: 1 mW
  • Wave length: 650nM (red)
  • beam divergence: <2 mrad: < 2 mrad
  • Weight: 15 gr