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Bus Pirate Probes - IDC 10 pins (UEXT)


Set of probes - bus Pirate

  • 2 power probes (red & black)
  • 8 spring probles
  • 10 pins IDC female connector

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Measurement probes to IDC 10 pins connector (UEXT)

Probes are always useful to perform some measurement or testing on a project. Just press the probes then clip the pin you want to hack.

This product is made to work with the "BUS Pirate", however, you can wire-it/plug-it on your own project with the following options:

  1. An UEXT vertical connector (or UEXT 90°), allowing to benefits from the key (to avoids wrong orientation).
  2. two section of 5 position of PinHeader with 2.54mm spacing.


  • If you want to use this probe set with UEXT interface, you can check this French blog article for idea.
    To resume, you will have to desolder the power clips (red & black) and move them to the appropriate position (pin 1 & 2 of UEXT connector)


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