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26 pins GPIO ribbon for Raspberry Pi Model B


GPIO ribbon 2x13 pins for Raspberry Pi - B model

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26 pin GPIO flat ribbon

This cable is intended for the Raspberry-Pi B (not compatible with the Raspberry-Pi B PLUS, see our downgrade cable for Raspberry Pi PLUS).

The Raspberry-Pi® model B features a 2x13-pin connector welded to the card - these pins are GPIOs (General Purpose Input/Output) and for electronic hackers, they are the seat of a real happiness :-)

By programming the Pi, you can put these pins in the "high" or "low" state (logic level up or down), send and receive data in I2C and SPI, and access the 3V and 5V power supply.

If you want to connect the connector (bridge) to another card, you will need this cable! It is 15 cm long and has a 26-pin connector. Pin 1 (Pin #1) is marked by the red wire.

If you have an Adafruit case for Pi, you can even connect this cable and pass the ribbon through the opening on the side

Note: Sold without Raspberry


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