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uFL SMD Antenna Connector


µFl connector - surface mounted connector

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µFl connector to add external antenna to your board

µFL connector (also named uFl) is a small surface-mount parts used with an external RF antenna. This is used when external antenna is needed but the SMA connector too bulky for the board.

This part is usualy used with WiFi board, GPS, GSM, LoRa boards and are really great to improve communication! Note that many Antenna are not using a µFL as the main connector, is such case you have to use a uFl-to-SMA adapter like this one (those allows panel mounting, which are very cool).

These are surface-mount components not too hard to solder... but they are very tiny so you have to take care and adapt soldering technics to SMD soldering. 

Watch out that the part is symmetric BUT only one of the end pads connects to the antenna pin!


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