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A4988 Stepper motor controler
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Step-by-step motor controller A4988 - micro-step
Motor voltage: 8 à 32V
Motor current: 1.2A (2.3A in peak)
Micro-stepper: 1/16 of step max.
Current limiter
Logic: 3.3 et 5V
MP6500 stepper motor controler
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MP6500 stepper motor controler
Micro-stepping 1/8 step max
Motor 4.5V to 35V
Current 1.5A (2.5A peak)
Logic 3.3v - 5v
Current limiter
Tic T500 USB Multi-Interface Stepper Motor Controller
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Tic T500 USB Multi-Interface Stepper Motor Controller
USB, Serial, I2C, Analog, Quadrature encoder, hobby radio control
4.5 to 35V
1.5A (2.5 with forced air)
Connector soldered
Stepper controler, 36v4, 4A
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Stepper controleur 36v4 - micro-stepping
MicroStepping: 1/256 step
Motor voltage: 8 - 50V
Logic: 1.8V, 3.3V & 5.8V
Motor current: 4A Max per coil (6A peak en pointe)
Configurable via SPI
STEP/DIR control (or full control via SPI)
Based on DRV8711 + external MOSFET
TMC2100 - Silent stepper Motor controler
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Contrôleur de moteur pas-à-pas TMC2100
A4988 compatible
MicroStepping: 1/256 steps max
Motor voltage: 5.5V to 46V
Motor current: 1.25A per coil (2.5A peak)
Logic 3.3V (not 5V compatible!)
Current limiting