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Sensor & prototyping

Sensors are like eyes for your projects. Thoses components allows your project (so your microcontroler or Arduino) to sense the world around it. So it can detect the light, the rain, the door (open/close), noise, etc. This section containing lots of items so LEDs, Motors, Robotic stuff and electronic are stored in separated categories.

eTape - water level sensor
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Measure the water level
protective case
Interface: Analog
Analog Signal Isolator, Gravity
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Analog signal isolator
Power: 5V
Signal: analog 0 to 5V
Gravity connector
Resp. time: 4sec
M5Stack : mini GPS/BDS (AT6558), Grove
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A mini GPS Grove module
Based on AT6558 chipset
UART output
GROVE connector (blue)
Lego Compatible (mechanically)
U032 module
M5Stack : Encodeur + LED RGB, Grove
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encoder + RGB LED , I2C
Rotative encoder + Click
30 pulses/rotation
Power: 5V
Logic: 3.3V
Interface I2C
Module U135
M5Stack : Hall Effect Sensor Grove
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A mini Hall Effect Sensor, Grove module
A3144E + 74HC08D (logic)
3.3V Logic
Digital output (Low = Active)
Module U084
M5Stack : PIR sensor, Grove
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A mini Grove module to add PIR motion sensor your project
PIR sensor AS312
GROVE connector
Lego Compatible (mechanically)
U004 module
Half-Size Breadboard
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Half-size Breadboard of 400 points. Identical to the one proposed in the ARDX kit.
Proximity/Movement Infrared Sensor
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Nano movement/proximity PIR sensor
Power: 2.7 to 12V DC
Signal: 3V logic
Distance: 3 to 5m
Activation: 2 seconds (repeatable)