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Rotary Encoder 24 PPR detent-less + switch + extra


Rotary Encoder

  • 24 pulses per rotation (24 PPR)
  • Detent-less rotation (smooth rotation)
  • with push button
  • High quality
  • Panel mount.

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Encodeur rotatif 24 pulses rotary encoder - Detents-less

This high quality rotary encoder have 24 pulses per rotation WITHOUT the detent sensation/clicky and having a professional finish. The button rotation is completely free and as many turn as you wish.

This encoder is designed for panel mounting and can also be used on a breadboard (just need to twist the attachment pads on the side of the button). Thhis encoder is ship with a button without position indication (but it will be easy to draw/make one on the button).
This product will offer a great finish to your project. This encoder does include a switch button that can be activated by pressing the button.
One side of the encoder is fitted with 3 pins (the ground and 2 encoding pins) and the other side does have 2 pins for the momentary push-button.

About the button

The flat part of the button is not exactly at the suited place to firmly hold the button on the shaft. You will have to use a small holder, hot glue, ... to maintains it right in place. You can also drill a hole on the side to place a clamping screw.

Technical details


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