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MALE Power Jack adapter with screw terminals


Male adapter - 2.1mm - Power supply continuous with terminal block. Create your own power source for your project  

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A jack to adapt your wall PSU to most of the Arduino project's type

You have a battery pack, a battery, a home power supply and you would like to connect it to your Arduino or the DC power Jack of your prototyping card - this adapter will be very handy!
This adapter is a 2.1mm DC Jack plug (eg to connect to an Arduino) on one side and a screw terminal on the other side. The positive and negative terminals are identified on the terminal block. 
Like any DC adapter, the center is positive and the outside is the ground/GND.


  • Inside diameter: 2.1mm
  • Outside diameter: 5.4mm
  • Length of the cylinder: 11.5mm


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