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MD2 drone

  • Kit to assemble (Learning and Makers)
  • Repairable
  • Payload: possible from 60 to 100gr
  • 12~13 min of flytime
  • Radio transmiter and receiver (CE certified)
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Build a powerful and very light drone in aircraft veneer - 12 minutes flight time - Radio and charger

MD2 provides motivating and relevant learning at schools and as a motivating activity in companies. It can be used in Aeronautic learning/discovery, TOF (Time of Fly) activities, Mini camera recording/exploring, Automation flies, among others.

In the accompanying learning plan, the participants can each choose their own tasks (assembly, electrical connections, programming / setup and pilot), and roll on these. The programming takes place via the built-in screen, where you must set the correct engine setup, threshold for voltage alarm, test signal passage or read the sensor system with gyro and accelerometer.

If you want to focus on block or text-based programming, we recommend Air:bit.

The flight time is 11-13 minutes on a single charge. It is advised to land immediately when the battery alarm beeps (otherwise the drone may fall and get broked). All electronic components and construction manual are available and all you need are tools: 1.5mm hex and medium star puller, as well as 4 AA batteries.

Drone building is a very good input for learning about power, connection, voltages & currents, charging, signaling, radio control, flight directions, safety, gyro, geometry, aerodynamics, ethics and materials science. You can even create variant of drone parts or adjust custom parts, a great challenge the students. Read more about this here (look at the pictures in this Norvegian publication).

More details on the manufacturer product page.

14 Years minimum

For safety reasons, we recommend that children under the age of 14 build and fly with an adult.

  • The drone uses high power LiPo that must be treated with care. Abusing a Lipo can lead to impressive, dangerous and high temperature fire!
    you must train yourself about Lipo usage/charging/discharging for you own safety
  • Always use the protective bag when charging the Lipo.
  • Using the charging bag does not allow you to ignore the safety rules concerning Lipo batteries
  • Blades do turns at very high speed and can cause injuries when getting in contact with a body (see this youtube video

Repairware - Repairable

MD2 is the result of three years of development of drone kits. It is an educational and durable materials in the highest quality aircraft veneer. You can repair the drone yourself if you damaged a component. MakeKit propose a complete assortment with spare parts as needed (don't hesitate to contact us).

Technical details

  • Fly-time: about 12 minutes
  • PayLoad: possible, from 60 to 100gr
  • High-quality single components that can withstand a noise
  • No soldering
  • Repairable, rebuildable (can be built over and over again)
  • KK2 controller board: designed by Rolf Bakke with screen and programming directly in the unit
  • Battery meter
  • Battery alarm: warns when the battery is empty
  • Self-tightening motor screws
  • easy to fasten / open
  • 5-channel radio: transmitter and receiver, possibility to control light or servo in addition
    CE Certfied
  • Charger and charging bag.


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