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microSD card - 32Go CLASS 10, UHS 1

A 32GB microSD card SHDC Class 10

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A 32 Go UHS1 Class 10 SD card to store the OS and data of your favorite nano-computer

Add a mega storage space to your projects in an instant using this micro SD/HC card of 32 Giga Bytes - Class 10, Ultra High Speed 1 (UHS 1 or still noted U1). A quality card (sandisk or kingston) at a very affordable price.
That's because the Class 10 cards are incredibly faster!

By testing these cards, we had the opportunity to note the performance and increased responsiveness of our Raspberry-Pi... well above the 3.5Mb/s of a card in Class 4.

The card is pre-formatted in FAT, which allows to use it directly with your projects. This card is tested and works perfectly with the Wave shield, Data logger shield and other Adafruit products that use a SD or micro SD card.

Class 4, Class 10, What about it?

This information often goes unnoticed (and misunderstood) while it is very important.
There is a difference in price between a Class 4 (at a broken price) and a Class 10 and the choice is often made on a Class 4 by lack of knowledge.
Choosing between a Class 4 and a Class 10 is choosing between a moped and a motorbike.
Class 10 offers much better throughput and performances. For example, a Raspberry Pi stores its file system on a micro SD card, the latter card is used to read and write information. If you save time with each access with your Class 10 card (and there are several thousand) then you get a faster and more responsive system. At MCHobby, it's been two years that we want to propose performance and affordable SD cards without sacrificing quality... Challenge raised, these Class 10 cards. 


  • The micro SD/HC card of 32Gb
  • An SD to Micro SD adapter
Raspberry Compatibility
Zero / Zero W, Pi 3A, Pi 3B+, Pi 4, Pi 5, Zero 2 W, Pi 400
Storage capacity
32 GB