Unihiker - Linux+Python based SBC for data collection/Exploration
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Unihiker - Linux+Python based SBC for data collection/Exploration

Unihiker - Data collecting / Exploration centric Linux+Python SBC

  • Debian OS SBC (Linux)
  • Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A35
  • 512 Mio, 16 Gio, 1.2 Ghz
  • WiFi, Bluetooth
  • Touch display
  • Ready Python, Node-Red, Code-bloc (Mind+)

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Unihiker - single board computer for programming, connecting sensors, collecting and exploring data

Under the hood, the UniHiker is a small linux based computer with a tuned Debian OS.
This new mobile plateform from DFRobot will offers a brand new computer and user experience!
Unihiker is bringing together many useful features which make it a strong base for many kinds pro/maker/student projects.
At MCHobby we are sure that Unihiker will be a game changer into the data centric projects.

Including a 2.8" 240*320 color touchscreen, this SBC (Single Board Computer) features a Quad Code ARM Cortex-A35 @ 1.2 GHz, 16 Gb flash and 512 Mio RAM along with some WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.
The board already features several sensors like button, microphone, light sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope and feature connectors to add extra sensors depending on your need. The Unihiker also features a Edge connector (like Micro:bit)

Don't take it wrong, Unihiker is not designed to compete a Raspberry-Pi!
Unihiker is there to build a DATA centric experience with a SoC:

  • View/explore the data on the 2.8" display
  • Python programming (wirelessly)
  • Linux command support
  • Program/manage it from computer, iPad, CellPhone. Use it from anywhere.
  • Local data storage (on-device data collection)
  • IoT online service (using MQTT and cloud storage) giving instant access to the data with a WebBrowser

Connect it to you computer and start coding, configure network or running Linux command!
The Unihiker also support Wireless communication and is also designed to be programmed/controled wirelessly thanks to its hotspot support.

Unihiker can help you to build Smart Home, Robot powered with Online AI, Portable instrument, Data exploration and observation.

Program it


The UniHiker does integrates the PinPing library designed to control hundreds of sensor and actuators using Python!
The SBC also features connectors (on the back) to append sensors and actuators.

Use VS Code with your Unihiker to get a confortable programming environment. Of course, you can also use Vim, Thonny or your favorite tool.


Unihiker also support the very popular Node-Red data flow diagram programming environment.

Code Bloc programming with Mind+

Mind+ is scratch like programming environment.
It allows younger to get in touch with visual programming and hardware control.

Maker oriented

The board feature a co-processor dedicated to sensors and actuator communications.
The co-processor will takes care of the I2C, SPI, UART,, analog & digital communication with the sensors.

The amount of sensors connectors allows the Unihiker to be used as brain for advanced project like autonomous robot, smart display, embedded device control.

Technical details

  • Debian OS SBC
    - Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A35, Up to 1.2 Ghz
    - 512 Mio RAM
    - 16 Gio Flash
  • 2.8 Inch color touch screen, 320x240
  • Wifi 2.4 GHz
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Button, Microphone, Gyroscope, accelerometer, Ligh sensor
  • Buzzer & LEDs
  • Connectors
    - USB C : programming & Power
    - USB A
    - Gravity : 3 & 4 Pins
    - Edge connector (Micro:bit compatible)
  • External Controler:GD32VF103 MCU
  • Power: 5V 2A USB-C
  • Size: 51.6 x 83mm (Height: 13mm)


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