OlinuXino - "Industrial Grade" ARM Linux nano computer  - Olimex


OlinuXino is an Open-Source Nano-Computer product line. OlinuXino are OPEN-SOURCE and OPEN-HARDWARE nano computer build around ARM microprocessor and running DEBIAN Linux (or Android) like the Raspberry-Pi. OlinuXino is manufactured by Olimex, a family company with great reputation. The OlinuXino product line is designed for professional usage, also suited for "Confirmed Maker".... OlinuXino boards include high quality hardware. The boards are made to solve problems and are noise immune by design. Propelled by the AllWinner processors which are really powerful (AllWinner is used in many tablettes). So, with Olinuxino you get a robust and stable product, a lot of power under the hood, plenty of software (thank to Debian Linux) with specs properly documented and freely availables (the specs).

Do you like Raspberry-Pi and you are confident with Linux Systems? Cool, now you can have a look to a more powerful board... OlinuXino could catch you eyes.

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