PyBoard Motor Skin
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PyBoard Motor Skin BASIC

Motor expansion board for MicroPython Pyboard - Basic kit

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Propel your 2 wheels robot with the Motor-Skin board for Pyboard

This basic version of the Motor-Skin board allows you to control two DC motors (in both directions), which can easily propel small robotic platforms such as our two wheels robot kit. The motor skin is the result of our first "PyBoard à Roulette" project (MCHobby blog).

This kit doesn't includes the optional items of motor-skin (see also this more advanced kit):

  • Optional: untrasonic sensor used to evaluate distances (not included)
  • Optional: 5V DC/DC switching regulator (not included).

Based on an L293D, you will be able to easily drive two motors in both directions. With an L293D, you have 2 full H-Bridges supporting 600mA per point (1.2A peak) with thermal protection. The H-bridge operates between 4 and 25V (but the voltage is limited to 10V max since it is also necessary to power the PyBoard and the S7V7F5 regulator).

You can power your robotic plateform with ease thanks to 4x1.5V battery block.

Within the Motor-Skin kit, we do added several features:

  • A frontal connector for the HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor
    You can plug the HC-SR04 directly on the connector -OR- use some wire if you want to mount the ultrasonic sensor the top of a servo motor.
  • A jeck power connector replicated to the 10V max screw terminal.
    Enough to power the motors, the 5V regulator and the pyboard.
  • An additional schottky diode to safely power the Python either from the USB, either from the battery pack. The pyboard power source will automatically switch to the battery pack when USB is disconnected.
  • Several decoupling capacitor for the motors. Brushed DC motors generates lot of noises. The noise/interference may disturb the stability of the PyBoard, so we do added filtering capacitors. See our section related "capacités de découplages / decoupling capacitor" on this french article  for more information.
  • 4 user buttons used as user interface (wire to the ground when pressed).
  • Easy to access "Reset" button.

This kit is also available with extra components


For each order, you will receive the Motor-Skin as a kit.
The Pyboard, DC/DC regulator, ultrasonic sensor, robotic plateform and other items are not included.
Some solder operation are required to assemble this kit, 40 to 60 minutes will be required for assembly.


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