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2 Wheel robot kit


2 Wheel robot kit - ultra-light platform - motors included   

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A 2 wheel robotic plateform suited for learning purpose

Here is the successor of the platform RB-Silence that we distributed previously, we are happy to finally propose an equivalent platform :-) 

Simple and effective, a kit to easily create, at reasonable cost, a robotic platform with interesting dimensions.  
These dimensions are perfect for most educational and learning projects... not too small... nor too big... 

Whit this kit, you can easily propel a robot from a Raspberry, Arduino, Micro-Python PyBoard, Olinuxino or other prototyping platform.  

We also wrote the PyBoard with roulette tutorial for Micro-Python PyBoard.


  • Acrylic support: 20.5 cm x 15 cm. Thickness: 3mm
  • 2 rubberized wheels: diameter 65mm, width: 25mm.
  • 2 continuous motors with plastic gears.
    • Works in 6 Volts DC
    • Current < 240mA
    • Speed: 230 tour/minutes
    • Torque: 0.8 / 78.45 / 0.07845 N.m
  • A 'freewheel' to place at the back of the module
  • Fastening screws 
  • A bloc of 4x AA battery (6 Volts)

Drive the motors 

To control your motors, you will be able to use:

  • 1x Motor control Hat (For Raspberry-pi, 4 H-Bridge, see the tutorials on the product sheet)
  • 1x Robotic Hat (For Raspberry-pi, control 2 motors, see the tutorials on the product sheet)
  • 2x H-Bridge L298 (Used with more powerful motors, see the tutorials on the L298 product sheet)
  • 2x H-Bridge L293 (Will support the current of these motors, see the tutorials on the L293 product sheet)
  • 2x DRV8833 (Controller for two continuous motors, see the tutorials on the DRV8833 product sheet)

Useful supplements

In the "accessories" pane of the product sheet, you will find useful additions to develop your robotic projects:

  • Continuous motor controllers
  • Robotic prototyping plate (to develop robots in several stages)
  • Spacers



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