M5Stack : Atom Matrix Kit
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M5Stack : Atom Matrix Kit

ESP32 Atom development kit + MATRIX

  • M5Atom lite ESP32-Pico-D4 @ 240 Mhz
  • Flash 4MB, RAM 512KB
  • 5x5 LEDs RGB
  • IMU MPU 6886
  • Arduino, UIFlow
  • C008-B
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The 24mm Square ESP32 dev. plateforme with a 25 pixel RGB led matrix

The ATOM Matrix is a compact development / discovery / experiment plateforme which has a size of only 24 * 24mm.

This is the most compact plateform available at M5Stack. It is very handy and miniature embedded device development. The Matrix Atom is based on the ESP32-PICO-D4 chip with 4 MB of Flash supporting Wi-Fi & Bluetooth as well as several GPIO pins.

The Atom board have  an Infra-Red LED and expose a 5 * 5 RGB LED matrix on the panel. Each LED of the LED Matrix can be controled individually (in brightness and color). The Atom also includes a IMU sensor (MPU6886) and a Groove interface (HY2.0).

A user button is placed under the RGB Led matrix and allow the user to append input support to their various projects. The on-board USB interface (Type-C) enables rapid program uploading and execution.

The M2 screw hole on the back of the Atom can be used to mount the plateforme on a board.

Note: When using FastLED lib, the recommended brightness of RGB LED is 20. Please do not set it to a high brightness value to avoid damage to the LED and acrylic screen. (In ATOM lib, we have mapped its appropriate brightness range to 0~100)

Main features:

  • ESP32 PICO-based
  • Programmable button
  • 5 x 5 RGB LED matrix panel (WS2812C, also named NeoPixel)
  • Built-in Infra-red LED
  • Built-in MPU6886 Inertial Sensor
  • Extendable Pins & Holes
  • Program Platform: Arduino, UIFlow

Technical details

  • MicroControler: ESP32 @    240MHz dual core, 600 DMIPS, 520KB SRAM, Wi-Fi, dual mode Bluetooth
  • Flash: 4MB
  • Power Input: 5V @ 500mA
  • Port: 1x USB Type-C, 1x GROVE (I2C, I/O, UART)
  • PIN Port: G19, G21,G22,G23,G25, G33
  • RGB LED: 25x WS2812C 2020 (also named NeoPixel)
  • IMU: MPU6886
  • IR Infrared transmission
  • Button: 1x Custom button
  • Antenna: 2.4G 3D Antenna
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C to 40°C
  • Net weight: 3 gr
  • Gross weight: 14 gr
  • Product Size: 24 x 24 x 14 mm
  • Case: Plastic ( PC )