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Gravity : 9 sensors kit View larger

Gravity : 9 sensors kit


9 Gravity sensors

  • Fast connection (Gravity)
  • 3 Analog modules
  • 6 Digital modules

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A kit with 9 DFRobot's Gravity sensors for easy propotyping with Arduino

This is basic sensor set for Arduino which includes button, LED lighting module, temperature sensor, magnetic sensor, light sensor, touch sensor, vibration sensor, tilt sensor and Grayscale sensor.

These sensor can be connected to an Arduino with the Gravity IO expansion shield V7.1 for Arduino which feature color coded connector that providesfast and easy way to connect sensor on the microcontroler.

This kit includes the following sensors:

  • 1x Analog Ambient light sensor (DFR0026)
  • 1x Digital Capacitive touch sensor (DFR0030)
  • 1x LM35 temperature sensor (DFR0023)
  • 1x Digital magnetic sensor (DFR0033)
  • 1x Digital Vibration sensor (DFR0027)
  • 1x Digital tilt sensor (DFR0028)
  • 1x Digital Big Push Button (DFR0029)
  • 1x Led lighting module (DFR0021)


About the gravity connection

The Gravity is a modular and plug and play electronic toolkit made for easy use (no soldering). Gravity is suited for any king of skill level and can be used with DFRobot board or with standard propotyping devices.

Gravity Connection

The Gravity sensor board features a JST connector and microcontroler side features a molex 2.54mm spacing female connector. The Gravity cable includes with the gravity module (the sensors) can also use the 2.54mm connector to connect the sensor directly on ANY KIND of microcontroler or prototyping materiel (glorious!).

To made it simple, the Gravity connector and expansion shields use color coded pins:

  • Red & Black : +Vcc & Ground
  • Blue : Analog input
  • Green : Digital input/output

Gravity is even made simplier for kids with gravity expansion for Micro:bit since it feature the JST connectors on the both side of gravity cable (micro:bit side and sensor side). MicroPython addicted would be pleased with the Gravity Skin for Pyboard and Raspberry-Pi lover will appreciate this Gravity Expansion Hat.


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