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ESP32 Wifi Module - Gateway board


ESP32 WiFI module

  • ESP32-WROOM32 module
  • MicroUSB connector
  • CH340 USB serial converter
  • Built-in programmer for Arduino and ESP-IDF
  • Connectivity WiFi, BLE, Ethernet
  • Interface: Ethernet 100Mb
  • MicroSD card
  • Connector: GPIO 20 pins (all ESP32 ports)

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Extended ESP32 plateform with microSD and Ethernet support

Olimex is company designing professional products of a very high quality. The products are designed for professional usage and are noise immunized. The ESP32 Evaluation Board is not a toy but a robust and well ingeenered board.

This is a ultimate ESP32 IoT board designed with the following connectivity options:

  • WiFi,
  • wired Ethernet (100Mb ),
  • Bluetooth LE.

This version of the ESP32 Olimex board would be perfect to create IoT gateway mixing Bluetooth, WiFi and Ethernet connexions.

With the ESP32 plateform revised by Olimex Ltd offers a 20 pins GPIO (all the ESP32 ports), a microSD connector, a Ethernet support (LAN8710A) and an USB-to-Uart interface (CH340T).

La version Olimex de l'ESP32 est par ailleurs exploitable avec Arduino IDE comme cela est décrit sur le GitHub Arduino-ESP32.


  • ESP32-WROOM32 module
  • MicroUSB connector
  • USB to serial converter (CH340)
  • Bootloader for Arduino and ESP-IDF
  • WiFi, BLE native connectivity
  • 100 Mb/S Ethernet interface (LAN8710A)
  • MicroSD connector
  • 20 GPIO pins (all ESP32 ports)



ESP32 and Arduino IDE

Here is a news that would make Arduino maker happy.
With the time, it should be possible to support the ESP32 from the Arduino's board manager (as simple as EPS8266).
If it is not yet ready, you would have to install the ESP32 manually. In the meanwhile, you car read the information from arduino-esp32 GitHub or the following articles "Installing the ESP32 Board in Arduino IDE (Mac and Linux instructions)" or "Installing the ESP32 Board in Arduino IDE (Windows instructions)"


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