câble USB vers TTL série
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USB serial to serial TTL (console cable)

USB serial console / debug cable, Logic 3.3V, for Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone Black

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A serial console cable to quickly get the control over devices exposing an UART (RX/TX)

This cable is the easiest way to connect to a microcontroller/ Raspberry Pi/ serial console of a WiFi router.

The USB plug contains a USB convertor <-> Serial and is equipped with a 1 meter cable terminated by the 4 wires.

  • Red: power 
  • Black: Ground (GND)
  • White: Receiving (RX) in the USB port  
  • Green: Emission (TX) out of the USB port 

The power pin supply the 500mA directly accessible on the USB port and the RX/TX pins are in 3.3V, which allows interfacing with most components compatible with 3.3V Logic level.

In many circumstances, this product is easier to use than other FTDI cables because the connectors are separate... allowing a "free" connection.

Obviously not supported under Windows 8.

Raspberry Pi 3

When booting on a Raspberry-Pi 3 (hardware and software), the serial port speed changes frequencies several times. This undermines automatic detection on some operating systems (this is the case in Linux).
To work around the problem, add the core_freq=250 line to your /boot/config.txt file. See the frillip article (thanks to Mr Ollivier)

Raspberry et BeagleBone Black

This cable comes with separate connectors, making it an ideal cable for powering a Raspberry and for connecting a login/debug console to the Raspberry Pi B or B PLUS.
Connect the cable connects the same way (on the same pins) on the Raspberry Pi B-PLUS. 

Connect the pins as shown on your Pi or BBB and establish the RX/TX connection.

Then install the PL2303HX drivers on your Windows XP/Vista/7/8 or MacOS X  computer and you can connect with a 115200 baud terminal. Windows 8 is now support. If you have problems with Windows 7, try using this Prolific driverversion 1.013.

Wifi router

This cable is also practical for Wifi router hacking to install alternate OS alternatives, or almost any TTL port.


This cable is not suitable for reprogramming an Arduino such as Boarduino, MENTA, Monochron, etc. It is not appropriate because it does not have the necessary DTR/RTS wires to initiate de reboot sequence (and activate the bootloader). To reprogram an Arduino, we suggest the use of an FTDI friend.