Mini motor 120:1 - D Shaft 5.5mm - Plastic gear
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Mini motor 120:1 - D Shaft 5.5mm - Plastic gear

Mini Moteur TT

  • 120:1 reduction ratio
  • Plastic gearbox
  • Axe 5.5mm D-Shaft
  • High Power
  • Also called "TT Motor"
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An affordable motor for your mobiles plateforms

This 5V motor is one of the most popular items on the net. You will find it on numerous robotic plateform. With its small size, it is very easy to use. For the best, the motor is affordable.

Ideal for robotic application, cars, tank, this motor is very appreciated by the makers for its impressive torque (thank to the plastic gearbox) under a voltage of 5V. Some AA batteries and you are ready to propel your first robot!

Without load, the shaft spin at 83 rotations per minute with a current of 250mA. Under a mean load, the current will raise around 500 and 700mA.
Take care about the stall current (blocked shaft) raise up to 1.3 A. This is the raison why this motor is classified under the "high power motor" (because, this is the main characteristic determining the kind of motor driver to use).

The shaft is available on the two side of the gearbox, which allows you to use only one motor to propulse your robotic plateform (in this case, the right and left wheel spin at exactly the same speed... pratical to move on a straight line).

The gearbox reduce the motor speed to 83 rotation per minute. With 5cm diameter wheel  the robot speed would be 2 * 3.1415 * 5cm * 83rpm = 2607 cm per minute (2.6m per minute) or 43cm per second. If you want to slow down the robot then you can use smaller wheel (or PWM signal).

There is 3 kind of DC Motor:

  • HP: High Power - which are motor with a high stall current (around 1600mA under 6v). The current always reach the maximum when the shaft is blocked.
  • MP: Medium Power - which are the motor with medium stall current of 700mA under 6V.
  • LP: Low Power - which are motor with very low stall current of 360mA under 6V.

Technical details

  • Plastic Gearbox.
  • Gear Ratio: 1:120
  • No-load speed(3V): 50RPM
  • No-load speed(5V): 83RPM
  • Torgue (3V): 7.8 N*cm = 78 N*mm = 0.078 N*m ( 0.8Kg*cm )
  • Torque (5V): 9.8 N*cm = 98 N*mm = 0.098 N*m ( 1.0Kg*cm )
  • Size: 69mm * 37mm * 23mm
  • Weight: 28g

To help understanding the torque unit:
1 newton-metre equal to 100 N-cm, or 10.1971621298 kg-cm (the force of a 10 Kg weight suspended to an arm of  1 cm long).


It will be very easy to wire this motor on your project. You will need an appropriate motor driver to control this motor (an electronic driver able to support the stall current - if this could happens). Here some tutorial in french but you can easily find some equivalent on internet...

Data sheet
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