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Bumper Romi Robot - Left


Bumper for Romi Robot

  • LEFT
  • Switch
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Add a mechanical bumper (left part) to your Romi robot

This module is a mechanical bumper sensor for the Romi robot (or TI-RSLK MAX). This special bumper use 3 actions switches with roller levers, the switches are positionned along the left side of the Romi robot chassis to detect colision with an object. As made, it is possible to detect wich is the pressed switch (along the 3 switches) so the software can possibly adapt its reaction depending on front head contact or side contact.

The board also feature two position to place right angle brackets and infrared sensor like the short range sharp proximity sensor or the long range one.

This module is intended to be paired on the chassis with the other side Bumper Switch Assembly.


This module ships with the switches and right-angle header pins soldered, so no soldering is required to use it.


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