Gravity: 2x1.2A DC Motor Driver with Gravity Connector (TB6612FNG)
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Gravity: 2x1.2A DC Motor Driver with Gravity Connector (TB6612FNG)

Gravity : Continuous motor controller

  • 2 motors (in both ways)
  • Logic : 2.7 to 5V
  • Motor : 2.5 to 12V
  • Current : 1.2A (2A in impulsion)
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A controller for two continuous motors ready for use (Gravity interface)

This interface board allows you to control two continuous motors in both ways. Its Gravity connection facilitates connection on breadboard/perfboard (thanks to the 2.54mm cable) or on Gravity/boson boards from DFRobot.

This board is designed around the TB6612FNG motor controller which operates on the same logic principle as an L298N H-bridge and requires only 2 pins to control a motor.
The TB6612FNG is a double H-bridge supporting a current of 1.2A per channel (in operating mode) with points up to 2A/3.2A (in pulsed mode/pulsation) allowing to control a good number of small continuous motors. The control logic is similar to that of a L298 H-bridge and even simpler (an L298 requires 3 pins to control a motor, here only two are needed).

In short, an ideal choice for Makers projects, learning or project development. Those needing more compact solutions can even use the TB6612FNG module directly (without the interface board).

This controller requires two signals to control a motor, the reason for the presence of the 4 Gravity connectors (see details in the product sheet), for example DIR1 and PWM1 for motor 1.
DIR1 allows to control the direction of rotation of the motor (high/low level) while the PWM1 pin allows to start the motor in all or nothing (high/low level) or even better control the speed of the motor using a PWM signal (with a useful cycle of 0 to 100%)

Thanks to the Gravity interface, this sensor is really easy to use. The Gravity IO Shield is the best solution for connecting this sensor, but it is also easy to connect to any breadboard or perfboard (thanks to the 2.54mm spacing of the gravity cable).

3.3V compatible

According to the manufacturer's documentation, this breakout also works with 3.3V logic microcontrollers.


For each order, you will receive the TB6612 motor controller, the expansion board with Gravity connectors and 4 Gravity analog cables.


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