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WBUS DIP68 breakout for Pyboard-D


WBUS breakout board

  • DIP68
  • Access to all Pyboard D pins
  • 4x TILE connectors availables

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Prototyping all the pins of your Pyboard-D with the WBUS-DIP68

The MicroPython WBUS-DIP28 breakout board gives access to ALL GPIOs in a DIP format (2.54mm based, so compatible with breadboard et perfboard). You will need to solder header on the WBUS-DIP68 for that.

Exemple d'usage de carte Pyboard

This MicroPython WBUS-DIP68 connector board can be used for all pyboard D variants and gives access to all power and IO pins. In addition to the pyboard, it can also carry up to four 20-pins TILE sensor boards (TILE connector).
There are different tiles available, like: TILE-SENSA and TILE-LED36.

It's possible to solder 2x34 headers to the WBUS-DIP68 and plug it directly into a breadboard or similar. This gives you direct access to all the GPIOs on the pyboard D.

Learn more about how to use the WBUS-DIP68.


For each order, you will receive the WBUS DIP68 board populated with WBUS connectors and TILE connectors. Pyboard and Tile Sensor board not included.

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