M5Stack : DTU LoraWan Kit, 868 MHz, ASR6501
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M5Stack : DTU LoraWan Kit, 868 MHz, ASR6501

ESP32 Atom development kit + LoraWan

  • M5Atom lite ESP32-Pico-D4 @ 240 Mhz
  • Flash 4MB, RAM 512KB
  • Atom DTU LoRaWan868
  • ASR6501 @ 868 MHz
  • SMA Antenna
  • Arduino, UIFlow
  • K063

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LoraWan Programmable Data Transmission Unit Atom KIT

The ATOM DTU LoRaWAN868 is a LoRaWAN Programmable Data Transmission Unit (DTU) using the European Lora frequency  at 868MHz.

The module use the ASR6501 chipset to offers long-distance communication with ultra-low power consumption (and high sensitivity). The ASR6501 integrates the LoRaWAN protocol stack and uses a serial interface to communicates with the host (with AT commands).

The product can be used to connect to a large number of gateways for transmitting data. The SMA external antenna interface will improve the communication quality and signal stability of the device.

Usually, DTU are acting like transparent transmission data unit, the ATOM DTU series adopts a more open architecture design.
The ATOM LITE is acting like a controler and you can modify the program to adapt it to your actual business. The whole machine is designed to reserves a variety of interfaces (RS485, I2C, custom interface) allowing the user to expand the DTU capability as suited (The DTU can directly access attached sensors and actuators).

Finally the rail clamping structure make it suited for embedded the DTU in various industrial sites.
This is a great solution to build cost-effective data collection nodes.

This kit is great for Automatic remote meter reading, Intelligent traffic intelligent parking lot, Remote irrigation and environmental monitoring.

This kit features:

  • ASR6501 LoraWan Chipset
  • Operating frequency: 868MHz
  • Interface: UART @ 115200 bauds (AT command)
  • With super anti-interference ability (able to work normally in complex interference environment)
  • RS485 communication interface (with 12V input interface, internal integrated DCDC step-down 5V)
  • Modbus Master/slave
  • Strong signal access capability
  • External antenna: SMA antenna interface
  • Grove connectors: 1x I2C  +  1x Custom
  • Self-contained rail clamping

Technical detail

  • Chipset: ASR6501 (AT Commands)
  • Operating frequency: 868MHz
  • LoRaWAN: v1.0.1
  • Minimum receiving sensitivity: -137dBm (SF=12/BW=125KHz)
  • Maximum transmit power: +21dBm
  • Interface: UART 115200bps
  • Weight: 32 gr
  • Size: 64 x 24mm (Height: 29mm)


For each order, you will receives:

  • 1x ATOM LITE
  • 1x LoRaWAN868 DTU for ATOM
  • 1x SMA antenna
  • 1x SMA red cap