Fil à souder SANS PLOMB 100gr
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[T] - UNLEADED solder wire 100gr

100 Gr of UNLEADED solder wire

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Why unleaded solder?

The lead solder wire, if it's very effective, unfortunately contains lead. Europe has embarked on a vast program to eradicate lead from the various commercially available products ... everyone today knows about unleaded petrol.

After cars, the biggest source of lead is ... consumer electronics and more precisely the solders found in these devices. We therefore had to find an alternative composition to the 60% Tin + 40% Lead composition. Lead is used there to avoid the phenomenon of whiskers (migration of tin in the form of whiskers ... which can create short circuits).

Lead-free solder

Here we offer a composition:

  • 96.5% Tin (Sn)
  • 3% Silver (Ag)
  • 0.5% Copper (Cu)
  • The melting point is between 217 and 221 ° C.

Since lead-free solder is significantly more expensive, we opted for a 0.5mm filament to allow more precise dosing during your soldering operations.

We opted for a branded supply (Weller) ensuring the conformity / reliability of the product.

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