Weller Iron KIT (30 Watt) - LED ring
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Weller Iron KIT (30 Watt) - LED ring

QUALITY hobbyist iron ideal for beginners in electronics.

  • 30W !!!
  • LED ring
  • 3 different tips
  • Few solder
  • Include a solder tool helper
  • Intended for occasional use
  • Interesting price/quality ratio
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Maker oriented good quality Weller iron

Weller offers high quality equipment. If the SPI 16 interests you but remains out of reach for budgetary reasons, here is the WLIR30 from the "Weller Hobby" range.
The WLIR30 is suitable for occasional use (understand "non intensive").

Designed for Belgian and French networks, this 30 watt welding iron allows you to take your first steps in electronics (higher power could "burn" your components more easily). This model has 6 LEDs resistant to the temperature of the iron allowing to illuminate the area to be welded (useful in the event of displacement but will never replace a good lighting as recommended for electronic assemblies).
The handle is also equipped with a rubberized grip area improving grip and comfort of use.

If you are just starting out, you will also appreciate the moderate power of 30 watts allowing you to work in a more relaxed atmosphere. It may be worth specifying, but burns at 30 watts are "less severe" than with an iron of 80 watts or more. Your reaction time and a little cold water (under a stream of lukewarm water for 20 minutes) will probably be sufficient. However, you have to be careful, a soldering iron can ignite.

Its tip is wider than a SPI 16 but is still suitable for work in domestic electronics. This model will be suitable for soldering components, assembling shields, mounting on prototyping plates, wire of small section.

This iron is not intended for electricity-oriented field (220 Volts AC), It's in the electronic field that it will serve you with the greatest comfort.

We have selected Weller Iron as the product of first choice because they are reliable and robust (without "slam it on the ground" of course).
If we take the use of a Weller SPI 16 instead, the WLIR30 will be suitable for occasional use (so not for 6 hours straight).

Technical details

  • 30 Watt iron
  • 230 V AC (Belgian and French networks)
  • Supplied with nickel-plated tip (S5)
  • Integrated auxiliary lighting: 6 LEDs
  • Temperature: 360-400°C.
    suitable for tin/lead solder (fusion at 180 °C) and LEAD-FREE solder (fusion at 228 °C)
  • Handle equipped with a rubbery area for better grip.
  • Type of use: Occasional

Included premium Recupel: 0.29 Eur
Replacement tip available here

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