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[T] - WELLER IRON SPI 16 PRO (15 Watt)


Professional iron of HIGH QUALITY ideal to start in electronics or professional use. Planned for intensive use. Includes galvanized sheet metal support. Iron highly recommended. 

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Weller offers high quality equipment. SPI 16 is no exception. 
Designed for the Belgian and French networks, this 15 watt welding iron is ideal for professional uses or to take your first steps in electronics (a higher power could "grill" your components more easily).

If you start, you will also appreciate the moderate power of 15 watt allowing work in a more relaxed atmosphere. It may be worthwhile to point out, but burns at 15 watt are "less severe" than with an iron of 50 watt and more. Your reaction time and a little cold water (under a trickle of warm water for 20 minutes) will probably be enough. Nevertheless, we must be careful, a welding iron can set fire.   

It's 1.2mm tip in peak is perfect for components welding, Shield assembly, prototyping plate mounting, wire of small section.  

It will also be able to assist you to tin 1.5mm2 wire with a little patience... but this iron is not planned for this area rather oriented electricity (220Volts AC). It's in the electronic domain that it will serve you with the greatest comfort.   

We have selected the Iron Weller SPI 16 as a first choice product because it is reliable and robust (without "slam it on the ground" of course).
Question reliability, my Weller SPI 16 is 25 years old, it's with him that MC Hobby was created and I still use it. 

Technical details

  • Iron 15 Watt
  • 230 V AC (Belgian and French networks)
  • Delivered with 1.2mm tip
  • Delivered with support (see product images)
  • Temperature rise: 180 sec
  • Temperature: 360°c
    suitable for tin/lead welding (180°C melting) and welding WITHOUT lead (melting at 228°C)
  • Type of use: Intensive

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