CO2 Traffic Light Plus sensor - Wifi
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CO2 Traffic Light Plus sensor - Wifi

CO2 Traffic Light - WiFi version

  • CO2 measurement
  • pre-installed firmware
  • PLUS version designed for Maker
  • Interface: USB, WIFI (ATWINC1500)
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CO2 measurement and level indicator with Wifi module

This version of the "CO2 traffic light" is a simple solution to measure the CO2 level in a room and transmit it over the WiFi thank to the onboard ATWINC1500 WiFi module.
The 4pcs WS2812 LEDs are used to show the show different color according to the CO2 ppm level.
The buzzer can be used to raise critical alert when the CO2 comes to high!

Makers will also love this product; the board is fitted with an Arduino Compatible firmware and designed to be tuned and programmed with Arduino IDE. The Makers can update it depending on their specific needs.

This board is preprogrammed with a basic firmware measuring the concentration of CO2 every 3 seconds and updating the LEDs color & pattern.

Note: the CO2 sensor and firmware do requires 30 sec to get initialized and make precise measurement.

This product requires an USB-C PSU to work.

WiFi included

The board includes an ATWINC1500 WiFi module. It is a very reliable and efficient stack created by MicroChip. So the fimware can also send concentration data over local area Network or over the Internet. Advanced user could also use MQTT protocol to wisely publish their data and also take advantage of the crypto chipset present on the board.

Qwiic / StemmaQT connector

This standard connector is supported by Sparkfun (as Qwiic) and Adafruit Industries (as StemmaQT). It bring an I2C bus and power supply to connect external boards.

Such connector can be used to add I2C sensors and device. The most obvious device is an OLED display to show numeric value.

Basic Software Configuration

This is the default firmware installed on the board.

  • Light Blue: 0 to 599 ppm
  • Green: 600 to 799 ppm
  • Yellow: 800 to 999 ppm
  • Red: 1000 to 1199 ppm
  • Red Flashing: 1200 to 1399 ppm
  • Red Flashing+BUZZER: 1400 ppm and higher

About CO2, Poeples, Tireness, Covid prevention

More we have peoples in a more and more they exhaust CO2. More time the poeple stays in the room and more the CO2 concentration will increase. More poeple we have in the room and more the air quality will decrease with the time. By monitoring the CO2 concentration we can figure out the quality of air and the need to ventilates the room.

In pure air outdoor condition, the natural CO2 concentration is 400ppm (part per million). This is a nice way to control a CO2 sensor.

Technical details

  • Sensirion SCD30 - CO2 sensor
    Probably the best and accurate CO2 sensor available on the market.
    This sensor also reads temperature and humidity.
  • Microchip SAMD21G18 - Cortex-M0 microcontroler.
    Same MCU than Arduino Zero used on lot of development boards.
  • 4x WS2812B / NeoPixel smart RGB LEDs
  • Microchip ATWINC1500 - WiFi module with onboard antenna
    This module use a SPI interface and can act as a IEEE 802.11 b/g/n network controler. See ATWINC1500 datasheet here.
  • MicroChip ATECC608 - cryptographic module
    Takes care of many cryptographic aspect and algorithm execution (LoRa, AES, TSL, Key Storage, etc). See the ATECCC608 datasheet here.
  • Qwiic/StemmaQT compatible I2C connector.
    Maker can expand the features and firmware of the board.
  • Piezo buzzer to fire alert
  • USB-C connector for power supply and firmware updates.
  • Size: 80x80mm, H: 25mm


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