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Maxbotix LV-EZ1 Ultrasonic sensor - 0.15 to 6.50m


Ultrasonic sensor for measure distance on a long range

  • Distance: 0.15m to 6.50 m
  • Interface: PWM, Analog, UART

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Distance measurement with LV-EZ1 ultrasonic sensor

The UltraSonic LV-EZ1 proximity sensor from Maxbotix reliably measure short and long distances. In addition to being powerful, this sensor is incredibly small, which makes it easy to integrate it into many projects.

The LV-EZ1 is able to detect distant objects from 0 cm to 6.45 meters and provides "Sonar" information from 15cm to 6.45 meters with a resolution of 2.50 cm (measurements between 0 and 15cm are indicated as being at 15cm)

The output interface supports various possibilities, which makes it easy to integrate the LV-EZ1 on many platforms.

The interfaces are:

  • A PWM output (pulse width modulation)
  • An analog output (Vcc/512 volts per inc -or- Vcc/512 volts per 2.54cm).
  • An serial output (UART) at 9600 baud.

The LV-EZ1 will be an excellent replacement sensor where the Sharp infrared sensor will not be suitable.

The LV-EZ1's analog output can be directly  wired to an Arduino's analog input, this would allow you to measure distnace with a few lines of code  (comme pour le senseur InfraRouge Sharp)

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