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[T] - Multi Pack de fils de prototypage


Multi-Wire Assortment for Breadboard and prototyping

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We wanted to constitute a sufficiently supplied and diversified wire pack to address any prototyping situation without having to worry about the number of wires remaining available, nor the type of connector needed (male and/or female). 

We tried to plan everything and cover all use cases. So, we have different compositions and models, all in very comfortable quantities. It is not for nothing if this product is called "Multi Pack" ;-)

Content of the pack: 

  • 20 x Male-Female connector 30cm - Dupont connector - ideal for impaction of 2.54mm
  • 20 x Male-Male connector 30cm - Type Dupont - ideal for impaction of 2.54mm
  • 20 x Female-Female connector 30cm - Type Dupont - ideal for impaction of 2.54mm 
  • 20 x Male-Female connector 15cm - Dupont connector - ideal for impaction of 2.54mm 
  • 70 x extra-soft breadboard wires (a must for breadboard prototyping)

Equipped with this set, it will be possible to (for example): 

  • Connect a male sensor to an Arduino (female)
  • Connect two Ardiuino together (female to female) to test the serial communication. 
  • Connect a wire directly to the breadboard (the LONG pin-Header are very useful in this case).
  • Obtain a longer cable (30,60,90cm) by inserting long pin-Headers between two sets female/female cable)


We suggest you bring some packages of Extra long pin-Headers.

Then, we offer a series of pin-Header type long . An undeniable advantage because with these LONG pin-Headers, you will be able to transform a female connector (or both) into a male connector.

  • The long type pin-Headers are practical in countless cases.
  • The tips are square and calibrated for an impaction of 2.54mm (ideal for prototyping, compatible with Arduino connectors).


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